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This site is dedicated to the support and advancement of the Open Source community. While the contributions you'll find here are meager, it is the beginning of our best effort to give something back in appreciation for the benefits we've experienced over the last few years.

With that out of way, please be patient with us. This site is under construction, but we're working hard to provide useful content. We hope you visit often to catch up on what's happening in our Open Source world.

What's new?

Shameless Plug: I've finally managed to wrap my head around CSS to develop a simple web site for a family member who does QNX development and maintenance. It's not Open Source, but the concept of developing a version of the real-time operating system that survives for 20 years really makes me think about my own approach to software development. (11 Jul 2009)

Announcement: We've posted yet another HTML color chart. While it takes a while to construct, we think you'll find it useful. (17 Nov 2003)

Announcement: We recently discovered that our most hated spammers are circumventing our firewall rules by going through our offsite backup mail server. Our new spamfilter script is working so well, we thought we'd share it. (27 Jun 2003)

Announcement: We've posted a few simple tools for Swing developers -- DatePicker and DateEdit. (29 May 2003)

Public Service Announcements

For more information on how you can help, please contact
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

The Archives

Announcement: We've posted backup2disk version 1.04. The update includes better logging and error reporting. (23 Mar 2003)

HowTo: A detailed account of how we migrated from Microsoft Exchange to qmail, where to go for more information and more... (2 Feb 2003)

Tutorial: IP Addresses and Netmasks - Aimed at helping the network newbie understand how they work. (28 Jan 2003)

Download: We've developed yet another tar-based backup script. Inspired by an existing backup script, we added functionality to automount file systems, support for multiple backup configurations, multiple backup levels, multiple levels of email notifications and verification, and more. (26 Jan 2003)

Commentary: Women in Technology -- Prompted by a recent thread on the LinuxChix Issues Mailing List that had to do with IT cultural issues (25 Jan 2003)

Announcement: We're working on an mpeg2 multiplexer that will handle elementary streams larger than 2Gb -- think "TIVO with after-market network support" (24 Jan 2003)

Commentary: A recap of our Microsoft experience aka "why we've switched to Linux and Open Source products". (Dec 2002)

HyperLinux: Links to sites that have useful content on Linux, Open Source and Internet technologies. (Dec 2002)

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